Lenten Season Wk: 5 The Grace of Earth: Plants

Plants are important to us and to the environment, producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air, providing energy, developing as habitats for certain types of animals, preserving the qualities of different types of soil and providing a number of useful products. Plants have many other benefits for us, such as surrounding us with beauty and gifting us with different environments. They also model for us new possibilities...

"All things - human nature, the universe, each one of us - are divine lights, luminous theophanies" (The Blessings of the Earth").

In conversation we use expressions such as 'the seed of an idea' and 'from little things, big things grow', recognising that everything - every development - has to start somewhere, as this song tells us.


This song, sung here at the funeral of Gough Whitlam, former Prime Minister of Australia, tells the story of the legal transfer of Wave Hill cattle station in the Northern Territory back to its Indigenous owners, the Gurindji people, on 16 August 1975. The transfer was symbolised in the pouring of a handful of red soil by Gough Whitlam into Aboriginal rights activist Vincent Lingiari’s hand.

The Gurindji became the first Aboriginal community to have land returned to them by the Commonwealth Government. This was a turning point in Australia's history - the start of the Aboriginal land rights movement for the rest of Indigenous Australia, that continues even today.

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Image from: Sharefaith