Lenten Season Wk 2: The Grace of Earth: Oceans

The ocean is vast, covering 140 million square miles, some 72 per cent of the earth's surface. About 97% of Earth's water is contained in oceans and seas. The ocean supplies more than half the oxygen we breathe, regulates climate and water quality, supplies protein for billions worldwide, as well as providing employment, recreation and tourism.

So important are our oceans that the United Nations has designated 8 June "World Oceans Day".The ocean ecosystems face tremendous pressure from human impact on the planet with reefs suffering coral bleaching, ocean acidification because of increased releases of CO2 due to the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities, loss of mangroves that support of fisheries, maintenance and improvement of water quality and coastal protection, just some of the issues calling for action.

Take a moment now to give thanks for the ocean as you reflect with this video.

Our Ocean, Our Future from BioQuest Studios on Vimeo.

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