Reflect on... the Gift of Creation

As Sisters of St John of God we are called to 'gaze on the mystery of our evolving, changing universe'. Over the six weeks of Lent (14 February - 29 March 2018) we invite you to reflect with us on the magnificence of Creation and the opportunity this Season gives each one of us to seek forgiveness for our treatment of the gifts of Earth. This happens in many ways such as over-consumption, waste and depletion of natural resources.

In his message for Lent, Pope Francis has described in evocative words the effect on our planet of selfishness and greed:

"Creation itself becomes a silent witness to this cooling of charity. The earth is poisoned by refuse, discarded out of carelessness or for self-interest. The seas, themselves polluted, engulf the remains of countless shipwrecked victims of forced migration. The heavens, which in God’s plan, were created to sing his praises, are rent by engines raining down implements of death."

We begin our reflection with the great prayer of praise of St Francis of Assisi, the Canticle of Creation. In this prayer written 800 years ago, Francis named the interconnected relationship between all creatures in familial terms – Brother Sun, Mother Earth, Sister Moon, Brother Fire. He knew then what we have since had to discover anew -
“The planet Earth is a single community bound together with interdependent relationships" (Thomas Berry)


Over these weeks we will draw on a variety of resources and introduce you to the reflections from the Columban Fathers on the theme "The Grace of Earth".

Read & Reflect: The Grace of Earth                                        Wk 1: Atmosphere

As we undertake this Lenten journey, may we each come to a new consciousness of our relatedness with every aspect of creation and our interdependence.