Pakistan Community

Pakistan Community

Sisters of St. John of God took their first tentative steps in mission to the Asian continent in response to an appeal by Bishop Armando Trindade of Lahore, Pakistan, in October 1980.


Four Sisters from Australia travelled to the city of Sialkot to take charge of Bethania Hospital which was the treatment centre for people suffering from tuberculosis. They were warmly welcomed by the Bishop and were given a traditional welcome by the Staff of Bethania Hospital and the local people.

After a week of introductions to hospital life they commenced their mission to the sick and to learning the local language – Urdu. On the 4th May 1981, Bethania Convent was opened and blessed by the Bishop. It was a great occasion for the Sisters and for the local community.

Very soon young Pakistani women showed an interest in the work of the Sisters and requested to join the Congregation. Today the majority of the Sisters ministering in Pakistan are Pakistani.

In 1983 the Sisters extended their ministry of health care when they commenced work at the Fatima Hospial, Sargodha, for maternity. To assist in this nursing service, four more Sisters arrived from Australia. Two years later the Sisters of St John of God saw the need to establish a house of studies and formation in Lahore. In September 1985 the new community was set up at Gulberg. 

The Sisters began their ministry in Health Care in Bethania Hospital, Sialkot and in Fatima Hospital, Sargodha. The Sisters no longer minister in these Hospital. 
The chief ministry of the Sisters today is in the are of education in villages on the edge of the city of Lahore.. There are over 700 students in the schools and the majority would receive no education if the Sisters and their lay colleagues did not provide it.