Be Weavers of Beauty


Choose to live a gracious life

Visualise all that brings blessing.

Love what you want

And cherish it honestly.

Bathe your feet in the healing power

Of the flowing water.

Breathe deeply as you walk through the forest

Be thankful for the earth that nourishes you.

Let your heart be grateful for the glory of each new day

Pay attention to that which is important love, laughter,

 kindness, respect

Drop the need to be critical and judgemental

Be weavers of beauty instead

Let compliments, words of affirmation, smiles of appreciation lace your day

And above all else know that Divine radiance longs to shine through you.

(By Sr Carmel Kehoe SSJG - Unpublished. Used with permission. Image Sven Schlager. Unsplash. Used with permission)