Journey Through The Wilderness


When gifted with frailty

And hope is shattered

A restless stirring

Leads me through the wilderness

Untombing that which is buried

Deep within my psyche

Oh Spirit of God

Let the lapping of waves of the deep ocean

Cleanse my soul

May the hilly dunes

Be the womb of the Creator

Transforming my inner vision

May the sun-lit tips of heather

Burn like candles

Igniting my imagination

Drawing me to the treasures

Of God’s deepest dwelling place

May the energies of a wild and hungry God

Lead me gently to that place of dwelling

Where all is peace

Where all is one.

(From: “Angels of God Come to Meet Her”
By Sr Carmel Kehoe SSJG p.122
Used with permission. Image David Marcu. Unsplash. Used with permission.)