Child of the Universe

Child of the Universe

Child of the Universe

Love song of God

Playing on the canvas of life

Endeavouring to fathom its depths

Shafts of colour emerge

Dissolving mysteries

For the blessing of beauty

For the miracles that flow

In the fleeting fragments of time

The Artist

Chartering the universe in colour

Paints his pictures

Across the clear canvas of the heavens

Etched against a winter dawn

Playing on the summer sands

Causing to burst forth

The soaring trees

The velvet moss at our feet

The wild flowers blooming in rugged rocks

The tall spires blessing

The wild crows flying

A canopy of stars

Whispering truths

About the God of the Universe

The God of Eternal Awakening

(From: “Angels of God Come to Meet Her”
by Sr Carmel Kehoe SSJG  p.91.Used with permission
Image Simon Howden. Free Digital Photos. Net. Used with Permission)