Canticles of Light


In the youth of morning

Thirsty pleading penetrated

The desert sands of life

Moments of inspiration

Carved its call


There you felt the blessing of all things

You shared in the journey of the sun

Dancing in life’s energies

Merging in its colours and shapes

Drawn down you were

Into your soft deep centre

Where love levelled all difference

Where silence and patience

Carried you into the heart of the universe

Into the heart of God


Before the crows announced the dawn

Your heart began to sing

And prayer rose easily from the desert sanctuary

In the breathless intervals of time

Colour found your soul

And God blessed the earth


 (From: “Angels of God Come to Meet Her”
By Sr Carmel Kehoe SSJG p.91
Used with permission. Image Lukasz Szmigiel. Unsplash. Used with permission)
for Ambrose