An Ancient Irish Blessing

11 June 2020 | General Interest

A hymn of blessing for the protection of frontline staff

An ancient religious blessing of protection recorded by 300 Christian groups to protect frontline workers battling Covid-19 has been launched on social media.

The Irish Blessing – an initiative involving religious congregations from different denominations on the island of Ireland – is a recorded version of 'Be Thou My Vision'.

The ancient prayer of protection can be traced back to Christian Ireland over 1,000 years ago.

The Irish Blessing initiative is part of an international Christian movement where churches come together to bless frontline workers dealing with the coronavirus.

"It captures this snapshot of Irish Christianity in 2020. That ranges from orthodox churches to catholic churches to independent evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal churches, a lot of new migrant led churches. We have captured an enormous range," said Ordinand McKinley.

"We have taken what is a prayer of protection - the very famous hymn: 'Be Thou My Vision' and, we have got 300 churches together - from the north, south, east and west - representing every county on the island - and we have sung together collectively this ancient 1000-year-old hymn and prayer of protection at this time.

See Video (HERE)