In response to the needs of our time, we have over the years become engaged in a variety of ministries of a pastoral nature.


Prayer ministry has been part of our lives since our foundation and is central to our way of life. Our Pastoral Ministries are spread throughout the Region and involve many of our Sisters.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is at the very heart of our John of God way of life. As Sisters we develop a personal prayer life, pray together in community, celebrate Eucharist daily and many are involved in various prayer initiatives in parishes. Some of our smaller communities invite neighbours/others to join them in Advent and Lenten reflections. This gives people an opportunity to pray, share and explore their faith in a less formal setting.

Clinical Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy

In this ministry the Sisters offer spiritual and psychological support to the patients and their families.

Diocesan & Parish

As Sisters of St. John of God we aim to be actively involved in our local parish. The Sisters are engaged in Parish Councils, Liturgy Committees Sacramental Programmes They also minister as Eucharistic Ministers, Readers and related services.

One of our Sisters is the Co-ordinator of the Ossory Diocesan Forum:

Spiritual Direction


Our Sisters who are trained Spiritual Directors minister in Dublin , Kilkenny, Wexford, Edenderry. Some are also available for directed retreats.

Counselling / Psychotherapy

A number of our Sisters work in the area of Counselling/Psychotherapy.