From the beginning, the Sisters saw education as a key ministry. Over the years, numerous Sisters have committed their lives to teaching at both Primary and Second Level in Ireland, England, North West Australia and Africa.

In all our educational endeavours, we seek to uphold Gospel values and work with the various Partners in Education and with the wider community. We hope that our united efforts may enable each young person to reach his/her full potential.

Today we continue our involvement through: Trusteeship, Boards of Management and Homework Clubs.


Trusteeship involves overall responsibility for the ethos and policies of our schools. Trustees also have ultimate responsibility for the school buildings and grounds.
We are trustees of the following:

  • St.John of God Primary School, The Faythe, Wexford
  • St. John of God Primary School, John's Hill, Waterford
  • St. John of God Primary School, New St, Kilkenny
  • St. John of God Primary School, Kilmore Road, Dublin 5

Boards of Management

Normally a Sister is nominated by the Trustees as a member of each school’s Board of Management. In collaboration with the other Partners in Education, the Board of Management directly manages each school.

Homework Clubs

A Homework Club in the McGrath Centre in Kilkenny City was set up by one of our Sisters in 1997. Thirty volunteers are involved in supervising homework for sixty primary school children on a one to one basis. Our Sisters are also involved in Homework Clubs in other areas.