What We Do

Since our foundation in 1871 we, the Sisters of St. John of God, have been involved for many years in healthcare, education and a range of supporting services.

The needs in society have changed over the years and so too have our ministries. There is greater diversity now and much more collaboration and networking with others.

Some of the areas we are involved in today include: healthcare, pastoral work, education, social services, leadership and administration, altar bread-making, hospitality / catering / gardening.

Ballyvaloo Retreat / Conference Centre

Ballyvaloo is the perfect location in the sunny South East of Ireland for anyone wishing to 'get away from it all'- to spend time alone, reflect, meditate or simply appreciate the beauty of this hallowed spot.
Contact us:
Phone: 00 353 (0)53 37160
Fax: 00 353 (0)53 37501
Email: ballyvalooretreatcentre1@eircom.net
Website: www.ballyvaloo.ie

Altar Bread Making

The Sisters of St John of God have been involved in Altar Bread Making in Kilkenny for many years. A number of Sisters, volunteers and paid staff ensure that this ministry of love is carried out with the utmost care and dedication.
Contact us:
Phone: 00 353 (0)56 7762 278
Email: altarbreadssjg@eircom.net

Health Care

In our Health Care ministry today we are involved in clinical pastoral care, hospital and home visiting, care of the elderly and complementary medicine.


From the beginning in 1871 the Sisters saw education as a key ministry. Over the years, numerous Sisters have committed their lives to teaching at both Primary and Second Level in Ireland, England, North West Australia and Africa.


In response to the needs of our time, we have over the years become engaged in a variety of ministries of a pastoral nature. Prayer ministry has been part of our lives since our foundation and is central to our way of life.

Social Services

The Sisters of St John of God have always responded to the needs of the time and have been closely associated with people among whom they have lived and worked.

Other Activities

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