Australia's Amazing Night Sky - Stargazing

2 April 2017 | Australia

An Invitation to Australians to LOOK UP at the Night Sky

Stargazing from the land Down Under! What a 'wonder-ful' invitation,'Australia Look-Up'. Over three consecutive nights on ABC TV, the 'renowned British Professor, Brian Cox, and presenter Julia Zemiro are joined by a cast of Australia's leading scientists, and other familiar faces, to inspire the nation to 'Look Up' and appreciate the unique wonders of space and our cosmos'.. Australias, mark the following dates/times in your diary - (Notice that there are REPEAT Times).:

ABC TV: Episode 1:Tuesday, 4th April, 8.30 p.m- & from 6.30 on iView & Facebook. (Repeat; Wed.5th. 2 pm)
              Episode 2: Wed, 5h April, 8.30 p.m  -    & from 6.30 on iView & Facebook.(Repeat,Thurs, 6th.2 pm)
              Episode 3: Thurs, 6th April,  8.30 p.m - & from 6.30 on iView & Facebook. (Repeat, Fri, 7th. 2pm).

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Join with the Sisters of St John of God in their faith-view of life as they continue to "Gaze on the Mystery of the Evolving changing Universe, and their goal to journey with those who desire to articulate and experess faith afresh, and to find authentic ways of being Church today'.

This YouTube video, Uploaded by The Guardian, UK, opens a small 'window' to something of what the scientist have discovered over the years in exploring the vastness of the Universe. To play the video, click on the ARROW in the centre,  and then click on 'Watch video on youtube. (7 min.)

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